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Regional Framework for TOMOACHI Alumni Engagement

The TOMODACHI Alumni Regional Framework is a platform to connect the over 6,700 TOMODACHI alumni across regions combined with a leadership development program that identifies and trains the rising stars committed to improving each of the regions. Japan is divided into seven regions represented by ten (10) teams: Tohoku-Hokkaido Region (Iwate Team, Miyagi Team, Fukushima Team), Kanto Region (Team A and Team B), Chubu-Hokuriku Region, Kansai Region, Chugoku-Shikoku Region, Kyushu Region, and Okinawa Region. Each team consisting of two Regional Leaders (college and/or high school students) and a Regional Mentor (young professional with a minimum of 5-7 years of work experience). Together, they will put together two events throughout the year and receive skills-building training sessions in between.
Their bios can be found here: Regional Leaders and Regional Mentors.

These teams of Regional Leaders will put together ten (10) Welcome Events in May throughout Japan and Theme Events in the Fall/Winter that address a challenge in their regions. They will listen to the needs and keep their eyes open to the challenges found within their communities to find unique potential solutions and opportunities through the creation of their events. Each team will be provided with seed money that will support their ideas. Their events can be viewed here.

These Regional Leaders will take part in a year-long leadership training program where they will have the opportunity to learn about project development, event planning, outreach, and financial management through hands-on training and mentorship. They will gain valuable skills related to facilitation, presentation, public speaking, mentorship, crowdfunding, communication, self-promotion, and leadership. This training program provides an opportunity for these leaders and mentors to challenge themselves, think critically, and make their ideas take form and become reality. The trainings are the Orientation in March, Regional Leader Training in June, Regional Mentor Retreat in July, and the TOMODACHI Summit in September.

They will take their next steps to becoming the next generation of leaders.

As a Regional Leader you will receive the CARD; an opportunity to:

Regional Team Structure

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The TOMODACHI Generation Regional Framework will change the dynamics of alumni engagement by furthering opportunities for alumni to connect, empower, and inspire one another in their respective regions. We heard your request for a framework that would not only connect you to each other but also provide you with opportunities to design your own events, learn about project management, financial planning, marketing and use of social media, networking skills, presentation skills, mentorship and applied leadership by hands-on training throughout the year to grow into a stronger, more confident leader to catalyze your communities.

As a member of the TOMODACHI Generation, you have received many opportunities to learn and grow. Now, this is your time to give back and show your community what you have learned through TOMODACHI.

Regional Leaders in each region will create activities and opportunities with support from their Regional Mentor by connecting with fellow alumni and the U.S. Embassy and Consulates to address the needs and challenges in their respective regions and communities.

Help us energize and inspire members of the TOMODACHI Generation in your region by developing new events to bring opportunities to your regions and communities. If you are interested becoming a leader within your region, please apply!

For more information and to apply to be a Regional Leader, click here.



All Regional Leads and Deputies have the opportunity to extend their role for another year with a Recommendation Letter from the Regional Mentor submitted to the TOMODACHI Alumni Manager at the time of the New Leader Application Process.



1. Event Planning & Project Management

Each Regional Team will be responsible for planning two events within the year:
A. Welcome Event and B. Theme Event.

2. Attend Orientation & Training Sessions

Regional Leaders and Deputies will be responsible for attending the March Orientation (March 9-11, 2018), the Regional Leader Training in June 2018, and the TOMODACHI Summit in November 2018.

3. Communicate with your Teammate & Regional Mentor

We recommend once a month in-person or skype/phone meetings, but leave it to the Regional Mentor and Leaders to determine what amount of time is best for their region and the events being planned.

4. Manage Funding

You will receive 100,000JPY as seed money to do three things:
A. Plan the Welcome Event, B. Plan the Theme Event, and C. Send alumni from your region to attend the TOMODACHI Summit.
[Note: Regional Leader and Mentor transportation stipends will be provided separately.]
Coordinate with your Regional Mentor to ensure that you are spending and allocating funds wisely throughout the year.

5. Keep Regional Alumni Contact Lists Updated

We have over 5,700 alumni spread out across Japan and the United States and need help keeping our alumni contact lists up to date, starting with each region.

Regional Leader Criteria

The following would be criteria for a strong Regional Leader to represent the TOMODACHI Generation

More Information & To Apply

More Information on the Selection Process:
Application Form:
Deadline: November 22 (Wed), 2017 at 23:59 Japan Standard Time

Regional Events

There are two types of Regional Events:
A. Training programs for Regional Leaders and Mentors and B. Events planned and organized by the Regional Leaders themselves with support from their Regional Mentor. Additionally, Theme Events are organized by Regional Leaders based on the Four Pillars (core values) of the TOMODACHI Alumni Leadership Program:
Critical & Innovative Thinking (CI), Civic Engagement (CE), Workforce Readiness (WR), and Connectedness & Sustainability (CS).